Bonamici Racing ボナミーチレーシング バックステップ REARSETS カラー:ゴールドカラー:ブラックはこちら



・includes carbon heel plates
・can use in normal shifting mode


S 1000 R (street) 12-16
S 1000 RR - HP4 (street) 08-14
S1000RR(street) 08-14

Bonamici Racing factory projects and manufactures the rear sets for the most models of sport bikes present on the market since 1994 up to 2014.
Made in aluminium billet with CNC technology,the Bonamici Racing rear sets have many peculiarities,like the use of bearings to completely eliminate the friction on the levers,a spring for the assisted return of the rear brake lever and it’s possible to adjust the footpeg in many different positions. All the rear sets are available as black anodized that makes them strong enough to be resistant to mechanical effects and chemical attacks.
All Bonamici Racing rear sets are protected by anodizing in standard color black.
There is the possibility of having various color combinations requiring anodizing gold,silver,red or blue.

※some models with ABS may need to replace the rear brake tubes

Bonamici Racing ボナミーチレーシング バックステップ REARSETS カラー:ゴールド:ウェビック 

【送料無料】ステップ Bonamici Racing ボナミーチレーシング B001-GD

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